"Elvis Jr. keeps memory of the rock legend alive. People lined up outside in the rain, hours before the show started, to get front row seats."
David Selby - Lindsay Daily Post - Ontario, Canada

"Cape Town audiences can look forward to a singing sensation with the arrival of Elvis Aaron Presley, Jr. at the Baxter Concert Hall...He always thrills the audience with his visual and vocal characteristics of his father."
Athlone News - Athlone, Cape Town, South Africa

"He is no imitator - he just naturally sounds a great deal like Elvis, Sr. He is an exciting entertainer with a charisma and style all his own. There is sheer magic in the way he establishes rapport with his audience."
Doloes Fuller - Writer of 18 Elvis songs - Notarized Letter to Seymour Heller - manager of Liberace and Elvis, Jr.

"It has been a great pleasure for us to welcome you here again for your second performance tour which has successfully concluded in each city throughout Japan."
Min-On Concert Association - Japan

"Elvis Jr. has got a tremendous talent on his own...When we were at the Desert Inn Hotel in Las Vegas, the entertainment director said, "On the first time in with no publicity he outdrew every entertainer that had appeared at the Desert Inn three to one"."
Hans Van Willigenburg with Bobby Morris (Elvis' musical conductor) & Elvis Jr. - KRO Television Network (Netherlands)

"A group of screaming fans were satisfied as Elvis Aaron Presley, Jr. evoked sounds and images of the King of Rock and Roll...The front of the stage was crowded with fans wishing to shake his hand or take home a sweaty scarf."
Alan Shackleton - Tribune-Focus - Ontario, Canada

"The Standing Room Only crowd applauds wildly as the Bobby Morris Orchestra begins playing "2001: A Space Odyssey"...An hour later, as he's taking his bows, you know you've just witnessed a true legend."
Bill Mears - Las Vegas After Dark

"His voice was on fine form - and so was his sense of humour. The audience of nearly a thousand fans at the city's Rainbow Club were delighted."
Jane Harbidge - Evening Post - Bristol, England, UK

"I was glued to a front seat at the Elvis Aaron Presley, Jr. show at the Russell Arena. Couldn't see much of him from that angle with a throng of arm-waving women from 16 to 60 smothering the stage. But that was the enjoyable part."
Victor Laurin - The Post - Ottawa, Canada

"Now, years after the King's untimely death, we are once again being treated to the inimitable talents of a unique performer. The heir and successor to the mantel of rock 'n' roll royalty - the son of the master - Elvis Aaron Presley, Jr."
Bally's Las Vegas - Fun & Gaming

"Your performance at the Film Welfare League was electrifying and unequaled to anything the League has seen to date. The standing ovation was well deserved."
Film Welfare League - Los Angeles, California

"LIKE FATHER LIKE SON. The KING died but now it seems he may have left an heir apparent...He sounded uncannily like Elvis. The King's old magic was there."
Ian Brown - The Globe and Mail - Toronto, Canada

"Elvis Jnr's collection of memorabilia is believed by historians to be tbe best outside of Graceland...including his father's coveted 1955 Pink Cadillac and also a Stutz Blackhawk that once belonged to Dean Martin, a Las Vegas chum of Elvis."
Ian Starrett - News Letter - Belfast Northern Ireland

"Frankly, we're all shook up. This guy sings but exactly like Elvis the Pelvis himself."
Liz Braun - The Toronto Sun

"A growing list of believers who are prepared to stand behind this performer include Bobby Morris (who used to be Elvis Presley's musical director), Jimmy Crane (who wrote Elvis' hit song 'Hurt"), Delores Fuller (who wrote 18 Elvis songs), and Ben Wiseman (who wrote 57 Elvis songs)."
Victor Laurin - The Post - Ottawa, Canada