image  Dreamland Presley Museum at Paramount Canada's Wonderland:

The Dreamland Elvis and Friends Museum, formerly the Presley Museum, is one of the largest private collections of Elvis memorabilia outside of Graceland and is valued at over six million dollars. All exhibits are fully encased and are available as either a permanent or temporary attraction - many venues utilize the museum as a prelude to an Elvis Jr. concert allowing visitors to view the museum in their venue for several days, a week, or longer before the concert. While it is a wonderful promotional tool for an Elvis Jr. concert, the museum is an exciting draw in its own right and is available as a stand-alone attraction. The collection encompasses vehicles, motorcycles, costumes, jewelry, movie props and other exciting memorabilia. Many instantly recognizable artifacts are in the collection.

The "Friends" portion of the museum contains vehicles, costumes and other memorabilia from such celebrities as Roy Orbison, Liberace, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Muhammad Ali, Barbara Mandrell, Linda Thompson and Skeeter Davis. For an 18 year period the museum existed as a permanent attraction in Niagara Falls. It has also been on temporary display throughout Canada (including the Toronto CNE Exhibition) the US, Europe and Asia.

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